The following images are available for production as a medallion, shirt logo, or paperweight. Any image style can be made with any image. See order contact info below.

Houston, TX


San Antonio, TX

Little Rock, AR

Southern Nevada

J.W Robinson Society

Twin Cities

Seattle, WA

Plainfield Vulcans

Metro Joint Council

Los Angeles County

New York Vulcans

New Jersey Vulcans

Santa Clara County

Alexandria, VA

Milwaukee Brotherhood

Jacksonville Brotherhood

Atlanta, GA

New Brunswick

Nashville, TN

Cleveland, OH

Hudson County

Bros. & Sis. Combined

Liberal Black FF

Colorado Black FF

Jackson Black FF

Baton Rouge, LA

Circle City

Fairfax County

Fellowship of Fulton


Dallas, TX


Austin, TX

IABPFF Negative

IABPFF Gold & Black




Dallas, TX


San Francisco, Ca


Pine Bluff, AR


Special thanks goes to Richard Manson of Dallas, TX for providing all of print patterns above for the various associations of the IABPFF.  Please support his efforts by purchasing one of the prints in a medallion or shirt. Contact Richard for more information and to place an order. Richard Manson is a member of the Dallas Black Firefighters Association.

Richard Manson

6727 Webster Ave.

Dallas, TX 75209


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